Business Proposal: How to Write it

How to Write a Proposal

Knowing how to write a business proposal is the shortcut between your offer and the “yes” of your future client. Conquering a new client is a challenging task, regardless of the size of your company.

A sale begins with the creation of a buyer persona, prospecting and goes all the way to after-sales services. There’s no doubt that a well-written business proposal is one of the most important steps to guarantee you will acquire a new client.

To facilitate this process, Proposal Page wrote these 3 helpful and assertive tips so you can learn once and for all how to write a proposal.

How to write the ideal proposal

Following these 3 simple steps, your business proposal will attain the level of “undeniable”.

1 – The appearance of a proposal is a very important job

The appearance of your business proposal is your access card to your client, and it needs to attract attention without being overdone. The best method currently available (or at least the one that looks the most professional) is a web page.

There are many proposal templates that you can search through and edit in many ways so your proposal looks just like your company. All done in an intuitive, simple manner with expressive results.

This first step on how to write a proposal is actually the biggest opportunity to close a sale. A proposal in a web page format will always be a step ahead of a printed proposal, especially nowadays.

2 – Company history in a concise manner

A proposal is expected to tell more about the company, what it has to offer and why it’s the best option in its area. This is the moment to deliver to your client all the relevant information.

Even if your potential client already knows the company, it’s possible to add new details that will increase your opportunities. Separate your information in small paragraphs.

List your previous work, your most important clients and other services or products that will enrich your proposal and increase interest.

3 – Value of products and services

One of the main reasons a person requests access to a proposal is to have an idea of the prices being charged. So, it makes no sense to leave this information out. Actually, hiding this information is not a strategic choice.

Aim to have a pricing table with all the values of products and services available in your business proposal. This will add value to the offered product or service and your client will appreciate your company’s availability.

In short, to learn how to write a proposal that will convert new clients, remember to always write a business proposal that is concise but full of information. If there’s any doubt, ask yourself what kind of proposal would be ideal for you.

Consider your audience, any possible questions or objections and don’t forget to invest in light, simple and direct communication. Pay attention to these details and you will certainly have learned how to write an irresistible business proposal.

A modern way to send your business proposals

It’s time to take a step forward. Forget old PDF format, let your customers have an online web Proposal Page experience.

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