Online Business Proposal Templates

Online Proposal Template

Impress your customers with online proposal templates

Having a online proposal template should be a requirement for anyone who desires success in sales. We know “we make only one first impression” so why not surprise your clients starting with your business proposal?

If the idea of ​​being presentable in a job interview is perfectly logical, it would not be possible for a business proposal to be viewed differently. Especially when it comes to sales negotiations for products or services.

The online service proposal template also works as a virtual card, just like the business cards, but much more efficient, because it makes possible to include all of your services in an intuitive and easily accessible web page format.

And you can bet, a commercial proposal in web page format will draw too much attention from your customers.

Online Proposal Template
Online Proposal Template

The perfect proposal template in just a few clicks

You can find many tools that will help you develop your online proposals. Among those tools we highlight Proposal Page, which includes a simple and intuitive editor.

Even those with no knowledge of design can create beautiful proposal templates capable of impressing anyone that reads them. It’s just a few clicks to make your proposal template perfectly fit your company.

If you are a freelancer, this is the best way to be seen as professional and serious, like your job deserves.

Proposal Page Features

  • A powerful, easy-to-use editor so your proposal template fits the product or service you are offering;
  • Quick sharing through a provided link;
  • Tracking of client engagement;
  • Layouts that can be seen in any device;
  • Password protected value propositions for you and your client’s safety;
  • Notifications of every access to your proposal;
  • An image database with over 900,000 options to integrate your proposal template;
  • Image upload feature so your proposal looks even more personalized;
  • Different font options from Google so your proposal aligns with your ideas;
  • Ready-to-use templates that can be customized according to your work area;

Proposal examples

You can see bellow some proposal templates. If you prefer, you can see other models from Proposal Page.

All templates are 100% editable.

Coaching Proposal:

Coaching Proposal Template
Proposal Template for Coaching

Photography Services Proposal:

Photography Proposal Template
Proposal Template for Photographers

Class Services Proposal:

Class Proposal Template
Proposal Template for Teachers


The right proposal template will take your business to the next level, offering the opportunity to compete with the biggest names in the business.

A good presentation has always been the best way to conquer new clients and expand your horizons.

If there’s a tool that make the development of a proposal template easier, prioritizing the best user experience, why not use it?

Invest a few minutes of your day on the creation of the perfect proposal: A complete web business card, with all the relevant information, pictures and observations for your company or business.

It’s time to take a step forward. Success!

A modern way to send your business proposals

It’s time to take a step forward. Forget old PDF format, let your customers have an online web Proposal Page experience.

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